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No. There are so many nice images all around. Such nice landscapes, portraits, photos with lovely colors. On the Internet. Look at Instagram. I will never be able to create pictures like that. And moreover I don't have a pro camera with its big lens. But...

  • Two people crying and embracing each other were seen late in 2018 walking on the coast near Amsterodam. Peaceful evening is there in contrast with emotional people dealing with a difficult life situation.
  • Sand. Still same and yet different.
  • Evening flight of a seagull. The bird makes this photo more unique.

Every single image tells a story. That's what makes it uniqe. The value of a photography is in the story which is behind. If there is a photo of a castle on top of mountain it's great. But if there is your girlfriend and grandma stadning in front of the casle and laughing to each other that's uniqe. It is shot that will probably never repeat. Recently I heard a good idea about art that I found important. Sipmly said:

Photos that you will not take wil be never taken. And it is a pity! You should definately be a photographer!

Later you can share your photos with those people and include story description below. Funny is that some photos actually don't need any description, because they say it all! There are no limits. Is something important to you? Say it by photography!

The fact is that you actually don't need any expensive camera for that. Let's read two articles about composition to find, that one photo-tip says: 'Break the rules.' Then take out your mobile phone, compact camera, whatever.. press the shutter and that's it: You are a photographer.

Maybe later you will find yourself more involved in phototography - reading tips about colors, styles, compositions, techniques and so on resulting in buing new camera. Maybe not. But remember: Taking photos is more importatnt than reading articles and comparing all diffrent gear available on the market.

Maybe sometimes laziness will overcome you (option that not exists, ofcourse :)) and camera or even you will stay at home. But you can return and start again. You can always start again. That's great. Be sure that some critics will apear. It can't stop you. Remember the ones you made happy by photography and continue working.

You don't need hundreds of artificial likes. Probably one smile of someone who shared same experience with you is more valuable than 100k likes. Let's print the photo and post it to your loved ones by mail. Or just use Whats-app. It will definately make a better day for those people as they will be able to recall nice time spent together.

And which photo is unique for you? Tell us why! Share on twitter...

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